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Dedicated Home Cinema

Hold onto your seats and prepare to be amazed!

At the touch of a button the curtains quietly close, the lights begin to dim and the movie commences. Impress your guests with the superb quality of the picture projected on to the high-definition screen. Listen to unparalleled sound throughout the room and really feel at the centre of the action.

Complete the home cinema experience with luxury reclining seats, specialist furniture and even a deluxe popcorn machine! With a little creativity anything is possible!

Lounge Home Cinema

Alternatively if you prefer to enjoy the benefits of home cinema in the comfort of your sitting room we can deliver a superb performance without compromising on the style of your surroundings.

We can conceal screens to maximize space and create aesthetic appeal. Hiding a flat screen behind your favourite piece of art can be an attractive alternative to the standard wall mounted option. Or if you prefer your screen to be completely hidden when not in use, a lift mechanism in a specially designed cabinet can quickly whisk it out of sight.

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