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Distributed Audio/Visual

A must have for music lovers. Discreet in-ceiling speakers disperse quality sound throughout the house. Choose to listen to your favourite artist in different parts of your house or simultaneously in every room when having a party.

Integrated Control

All our systems are designed to be easy to use. A simple remote control, customised keypad or colour touch panel can put you in control of all your equipment from the selection of your DVD to the lighting scene and position of the blinds.

Mood Lighting

An effective lighting scheme can dramatically improve the appearance of your home by creating different scenes to suit the occasion. If you choose our advanced lighting system, not only can you set the atmosphere for the evening but at the touch of a button create the illusion that you are still at home when you are away.


The touch panel can be used to monitor security cameras so that you can check the identity of visitors before allowing entry.

Finishing Touches

Working with your interior designer we can individually design traditional or contemporary furniture for any room in your home. Add the finishing touch to your home with automated curtains and blinds. They can be used in conjunction with your lighting control and can be programmed to operate automatically at times to suit you.

Support and Service

We like to look after our clients long after the installation has taken place and we are only a phone call away if help is required months or even years later. We offer free service to all our clients for 12 months after handover of the project and individually tailored contracts once the initial period has expired.

We are also able to offer a contract to clients who have had an installation by a company who does not offer this type of service. Although we are unable to cover the equipment installed we will always do everything possible to have it repaired or replaced at competitive rates and can often offer items on loan while this takes place. However we are able to offer the services of our engineers who are available on a priority basis at preferential rates to all clients who have service contracts.

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